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Power of Attorney >> Taking Care of Your Children >> Limiting medical powers

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Discussion: Limiting medical powers-
#918, posted 4 Jan 2013 3:30 pm127 words
aposak (Offline)

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My son's grandmother is graciously providing care for him while my wife and I work. She has been demanding a medical power of attorney over him, in case he gets injured under her care. While my wife and I both agree this would be a prudent course of action, she tends to be both a hypochondriac and very into herbal supplements. We can't afford to put him in day care, but we also can't afford the medical bills for her overreacting.
The way I read the medical power of attorney document description, it gives her full authority to provide whatever care she deems necessary. Is this true? Is there any way to tailor the document to further limit her medical authority over our child? Thanks in advance.

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