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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! >> Breaking Up Can Also Be Expensive...

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Discussion: Breaking Up Can Also Be Expensive... -
#915, posted 2 Dec 2012 8:30 pm258 words
Jim Rice (Offline)

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Yeah, breaking up is hard to do... as are other things in our stilted legal system. Maybe the problem is that the system forces people to fight it out. Husbands and wives who are intelligent find adaptive approaches to their divorces, such as mediation and other dispute resolution approaches. As in any legal predicament, a cool head will help prevent an already unfortunate situation from turning into a nuclear war. But sometimes to act wisely, one needs some good insight. There's a book out about what to do when you're in the shoes of the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Be aware... it isn't a guide about divorce law. It's rather general in nature and gives advice that's applicable in personal injury cases, breach of contract cases, bankruptcy cases, disability cases, and more. The book is called Twelve Qualities of the Successful Plaintiff. It's a book designed to help litigants of all kinds prevail in a justice system that is often warped, unfair, stacked against the individual, and full of double standards. Too bad they don't teach this kind of stuff in law school. Sure, it's important to understand the basic elements of contracts, torts, criminal law, and commercial transactions. But this book is about having the personal traits that can help make it through many difficult legal situations. It's about attitude, perception, adaptation, demeanor, and other elements. And those can be as important as a good working knowledge of the law.

Good luck to anyone who's getting a taste of our meat grinder of a justice system!

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