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Advance Medical Health Care Directive >> Living Will (Health Care Directive) >> California Medical Power of Attorney

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Discussion: California Medical Power of Attorney-
#896, posted 6 Oct 2011 3:52 pm68 words
merie (Offline)

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I am curious if anyone knows if it is legal to go against a parents last wishes, using "Medical Power of Attorney" as a tool to instruct the Funeral Home to change all of the parents wishes, which were paid for in full, and for that person to request refund, without consulting with their siblings, especially the executor of the parents will???

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

#911, posted 4 Jun 2012 6:41 am, in reply to #89680 words
YourLemonLawRights (Offline)

California Lemon Law

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A Medical Power of Attorney may be revoked by notifying either the agent or the principal's health care provider orally or in writing, of the principal's intent to revoke. This revocation will occur regardless of the principal's capacity to make health care decisions. Further, if the principal executes a later Medical Power of Attorney, then all prior ones are revoked. If the principal designates his/her spouse to be the agent, then a later divorce revokes the Medical Power of Attorney.


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