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#889, posted 4 Jun 2011 7:51 pm170 words
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Northshore Process Service Network

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<H6 class=uiStreamMessage data-ft='{"type":"msg"}'><SPAN class=messageBody>As foreclosure notices continue to escalate, attorneys need to be vigilant of proper service of process. All defendants must be served with an authenticated copy of the summons and complaint in accordance with their respective civil rules of procedure. Whenever possible, the process server will serve the mortgagor(s) personally as soon as possible after filing. If personal service is not made after several attempts, substitute service is acceptable provided the process server exercised due diligence. When neither personal nor substitute service is accomplished, a summons usually will be published. The summons usually will be published in a local paper in the county in which the property is located, because that county's circuit court has in rem jurisdiction in real estate mortgage foreclosures. When the summons and complaint name other parties as defendants, service of process is accomplished by serving the registered agent (if a corporation). If the defendant is a governmental agency or is represented by an attorney, service of process can be considered completed by an admission of service. </SPAN></H6>


Northshore Process Service Network
1560 Sherman Avenue, Ste. 301,
Evanston, IL 60201-4803
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