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Estate Planning >> Elder Law >> My sister's rights

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Discussion: My sister's rights-
#748, posted 23 Jul 2008 11:20 am470 words
Inga (Offline)

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I live in Florida. I am the DPOA for my mother, who is 88 and lives in NJ. She had a stroke in March 08 and is doing well, but needs to have someone around her during the day to help her with daily care of medicines, food, etc. She no longer drives a car. I have 2 siblings (brother and sister). We have decided that she live with my sister (in PA) during the summer and fall months and live with me in Florida during the winter and spring. My brother still works, so he cannot participate in her care at this time. We are all agreeable to this. I thought everything was going fine as I have been my mother's DPOA for over 10 years. I have lived with my mother for the past 16 years prior to moving to Florida. All of a sudden, my sister wants to know what her rights are while my mother is living with her. I asked her what in particular she wants to know - and she won't tell me anything particular. She called a meeting of my brother and his wife, my mother and she and her husband. They included my son (who just happened to be there) - but never called me on the phone to participate. My son said my sister was suspicious about what I was doing as the POA. While we had a DPOA written by a lawyer in 1999 (which I was the POA), I had my mother sign another one (Durable) in 2004 since I had forgotten we had the one done in 1999 and I wanted to make sure we were covered. (I am a notary public in Florida). The one I had done since is an ordinary Durable POA that you get at Staples - and the only thing I had changed was that my sister would be the 2nd in line to be POA if anything happened to me instead of my brother. My brother was named in the first POA as being second. Since she doesn't know that much about POA's, she thinks I did something behind her back. She never asks me questions and never before wanted to get involved. I suspect her husband is causing trouble since he trusts no one.

Does she have any rights since she is not the POA but is taking care of my mother. I have given her a credit card on my mother's account so she can charge anything she needs for my mother including food, medicines, clothes, household, gas - just about anything. I pay all the bills - this is a good way for me to keep track. I am trying to think - "what else is she up to?"

My brother thinks she is crazy.

Thanks for any help.

#912, posted 4 Jun 2012 6:58 am, in reply to #7489 words
YourLemonLawRights (Offline)

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Better to consult an attorney for such critical cases...


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